When building a house, of course, the tile must be considered the quality. Selection of tile is very important and must be precise starting from the form of construction to the selection of materials. It aims to protect us and the family from the influence of natural conditions and various dangers. But if undesirable things happen to you and your family then it would be better if you choose Storm Damage Repair Owasoo Service Professional because of the reliability and experience in fixing the roof then certainly less likely it can happen to you and family at a later time.

Regardless, if wrong in choosing the tile and do not know the right type for the roof of the house it will result in frequent leaks and cannot deliver temperature well, it will interfere with comfort.

Lots of types of tiles are available, the price of tile was varied. In order not wrong in choosing the right roof tile for home construction, here are the types of tile to be wiser before buying and no regret in the future.

Asbestos Tile
Asbestos tile is made of six combined natural silicate minerals. Roof cover with this type of tile is widely used because the price is cheap and easy installation. Because the weight of the asbestos tile is light enough, it does not require special gorging construction.

Excess of Asbestos Tile
1. Low price.

2. Installation is quite easy.

3. Does not require a lot of batten wood.

Weakness of Asbestos Tile
According to health experts, the use of asbestos roof tiles for the roof is not good because it can cause disease. Why is that? It is because asbestos fibers in the form of particles easily released and fly, and if inhaled it can lead to lung cancer.

Asphalt Tile
Asphalt tile is made of asphalt mixture as well as other chemicals. There are two types that are available, namely flat type asphalt tile on the multiplex attached to the frame and wavy type.

Excess Asphalt Tile
1. Lighter than concrete or ceramic tile.

2. Can be used with a slope of 22.5 degrees to 90 degrees.

3. Easy and practical installation.

4. Fire resistant and able to withstand wind pressure.

5. Have a choice of colors, protected with anti-fungal coating and anti-fade.

Weakness of Asphalt Tile
1. Relative price is more expensive.

Glass Tile
Glass tile is only used for certain parts only. If you want natural lighting, then use a glass tile in the desired room.

Excess Glass Tile
1. Provide natural lighting

2. Glass has a modern impression, so it is suitable for those of you who like a modern and minimalist style home.

The weakness of Glass Tile
1. Easy to break.

2. Excessive use will increase the temperature of the room underneath.